Welcome to, my name is A. Zheng and this is my portfolio. I currently work full-time as a programmer, with a focus in Web Development. In my free time, I enjoy making scripts I find to be useful, and that can easily be used by people who like to do web design as a hobby, since that's how I got started before studying Computer Science in college.

Most of my code will be in PHP, because my target audience are people who use shared hosting packages, and most shared hosting only have PHP installed on their servers.

I develop primarily on my MacBook Pro, but occasionally I'll use my Windows personal desktop to fiddle with client-side code. As for software, I like using Sublime Text as my text editor (with Tomorrow Night as my favorite color scheme), Oh My ZSH as my bash shell, and Boostnote as my notes and markdown organizer.

Besides coding, in my free time I like to play Dragon Age, watch documentaries on YouTube, and research the latest gadgets.